What happens to your data when you sign up for a volunteer challenge

What happens to your data when you sign up for a volunteer challenge

When you accept a  volunteer challenge the organisation that has posted that challenge will have access to your name, address, email and telephone number. They will only use those details to contact you about that volunteering challenge.

By signing up Engage in Gloucester you have consented to the Engage in Gloucester administrators contacting you about issues relating to your volunteering in general. You can find a list of the Engage in Gloucester administrator organisations at here. You will also find the privacy statement for Engage in Gloucester on this page.

Any group statistical data that is collected from Engage in Gloucester is anonymised and cannot be traced back to an individual. 

If you would like any more details about how your data is used by Engage in Gloucester please use the “Contact” button at the top right hand corner of the Engage in Gloucester home page.

If you want to know how the organisation that runs the challenge you have accepted uses your data please contact them at email address given in the challenge details and email reply you get back from them.

It is your  responsibility to ensure that all your contact and personal details are up to date and accurate on the Engage in Gloucester site and in the volunteering records of any organisations that you volunteer with.