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Matson Community Garden


Together in Matson is based at the Redwell Community Centre right in the heart of Matson. Our local community faces many challenges, but also have many talents, skills and ambition at their disposal. We are committed to unlocking opportunities that will allow these strengths and talents to grow, allowing both individuals and the community as a whole to achieve their aspirations and lead fulfilling healthy lives that make a positive difference to the world.


Many Matson residents live in flats with no access to individual gardens. Others face real barriers to making the most of the garden space they have. Together in Matson would like to establish a community garden at the Redwell Centre. This would be a place for the whole community to enjoy, relax and learn in, as well as maintain and develop. We’d like it to have wildlife friendly elements to encourage birds and insects (and maybe even some frogs), as well as sensory elements so it can truly be enjoyed by all.

What's involved?

Gardens are not just created over night, so we would be delighted to hear from companies that would like to make the development and overseeing of the garden a long term commitment, as well as companies that would just like to get us started.


Our community garden has several stages. We need plans creating for the garden. We’d like to incorporate planting schemes which will have year round impact, both for people in terms of aesthetic beauty and for the local insects and birds in terms of habitat and food sources. We’d also like their to be a strong sensory element to the garden; bold and bright colours mixing with more tranquil hues; scents that waft around and strong tactile elements scattered throughout. We’d like the garden to be fully accessible for those with mobility issues, not only for them to enjoy, but also to help maintain, so features such as raised beds in some areas or pots that can be worked on at table level are important. Ideally we’d like there to be a section if the garden given over to food production. We’d also like features like a compost heap and water butts to be present, but safely and sympathetically included.

Lastly, we need the garden design to survive the Gloucester weather, with adequate thought given to issues such as drainage and water collection.


Once designed (and funded – we’ll work on sorting this out separately, but if you do have expertise or connections in their field we’d be delighted to hear) we’ll need the features of the garden to be actually installed. This will include heavy gardening work of digging and sculpting the area, as well as slightly more gentile planting. Any features such as benches, composting bins or water butts will need to be assembled and put into place.  The local community will be able to help with this, but we need a few teams of people to really take the lead.


Once established, the garden will need maintaining. Again the local community will be taking the lead, but assistance from a team would be much appreciated. This might be as an over seeing and advisory role, as a regular monthly event for a few hours, or as a twice yearly big day long overhaul.


We’d like to see the garden becoming a core feature of life in Matson, with opportunities for learning about plants, wildlife and sustainability as well as it being a place to relax and take time out from other worries or concerns. The positive effects of engaging with nature and the outdoors for all ages and for a range of health conditions are well documented and we would like the garden to be able to provide some of those benefits.


As you can see while we have big plans we are quite flexible! If you would like more details without committing yourself to this challenge please email Vanessa on

Why get involved?

This volunteering role offers an opportunity to be part of something that will make a real difference to the Matson community of people and wildlife. We have big ambitions for the garden both in terms of its inclusiveness and sustainability and the impact it will have on people’s everyday lives, emotional, mental and physical wellbeing.


We would be proud to celebrate publicly the companies that spend time and energy contributing to this project – a powerful and free source of positive advertising and promotion for your firm. The design element of the garden is a chance to use ecological and horticultural knowledge, as well as creative talents in a local setting. The installation aspect is a chance to enhance teamwork and cohesion in an out of the office setting. There’s also that feel good factor to a bit of outdoor exercise and watching a project develop in front of your eyes – and who doesn’t want a happy team?! The maintenance aspect will allow you to develop a lasting relationship with members of the local community. For any company with a client or consumer base in Gloucester it is an excellent way to be connected in another way to the communities you serve. It may also give you insights that would allow you to shape products or campaigns and better help you understand your client base.

How to get involved?

  1. Sign into your account or sign up to Volunteer Makers.
  2. Accept the challenge
  3. Wait for a reply from the Together in Matson team

Ideal Skills

  • Conservation
  • Construction
  • Design & Illustration
  • Gardening
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Project Management
  • Research
  • Working independently

Ideal Interests

  • Commercial Development
  • Community Work
  • Conservation
  • Creative and Arts
  • Design
  • Event & Project Management
  • Events and Programming
  • Learning and Education

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