Hour or Two


Do you have a bit more time to spare?


Challenge 1

14th June –Hucclecote Meadow Paths

Join us on the morning of Friday 14th June at Hucclecote Meadows to trim the path edges. Improve & maintain access whilst helping local wildlife.

Challenge 2

If you go down to the woods today.. (21/6/19)

Join us on 21st June in Horsbere Brook woodland as we replaced damaged deer guards, re-stake trees & remove any dead ones to keep the woods healthy.

Challenge 3

Art Shape Marketing support

Art Shape run numerous courses and projects, along with exhibitions and events which all need promoting! We need capable volunteers to help distribute promotional flyers/prospectus in local areas, use social media accounts and that have some experience

Challenge 4

Fair Shares time bank

Could you be neighbourly for someone that isn’t necessarily your immediate neighbour? Lend a hand when someone just needs some extra help? Like the idea of you getting help when needed in return? Then Fair Shares is for you.

Challenge 5

22nd Feb - Stewarding at Llanthony Secunda

Do you have a few hours spare to help inspire children with the help of music?

Challenge 6

Guildhall Cinema Assistant

If you love film and want to support your local events venue then we want to hear from you

Challenge 7

Saturday Hillfield Gardeners

Enjoy weeding, planting & pruning (and the odd cupper & bickie)? Fancy spending a few hours to keep Hillfield Gardens looking good on the first Saturday of each month?

Challenge 8

30th June – Long Meadow Path Trimming

Join us on Sunday 30th June in the Long Meadow of Horsbere Brook to trim the path edges. Great opportunity to spot some local wildlife whilst your volunteer.

Challenge 9

Translate This! Cathédrale, Katedry, Kathedrale

Gloucester Cathedral attracts visitors from all over the world. We need translators to help us produce our information leaflets in as many languages as possible.

Challenge 10

2nd June – Tree Care!

Join us on Sunday 2nd June as we care for our newly planted trees at Hucclecote Meadows. Weeding, guard replacement, dead tree removal and wildlife aplenty!

Challenge 11

10th May – Keep those Green Lane paths trim!

Join us on the morning of Friday 10th May at Green Lane Nature Reserve to trim the path edges. Great opportunity to spot some local wildlife whilst your volunteer.

Challenge 12

Llanthony Secunda Priory - Grounds tidying

Join our team of volunteer groundskeepers and help us to keep Llanthony Secunda Priory looking its very best. Fresh air & fun guaranteed.