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We wanted to make volunteering in Gloucester easy - so the heritage, arts and cultural organisations in Gloucester, supported by the City Council, have joined together to create this Engage in Gloucester website.

Fancy volunteering but worried about the time commitment? 

We know the feeling!  Time is precious, and everyone is busy, so we've setup challenges that you can do in a matter of minutes, a couple of hours, a day, or more. 

All you do, is accept the challenge of your choice, and get involved! It's a great way to meet new people, learn new skills - and you can download a copy of your challenges to add to your CV!

Whether you are a long-term volunteer with a specific organisation, or if you fancy dipping in and out, depending on what takes your fancy - this site will help us celebrate your achievements and highlight the power of volunteering.

So come and join our team!


What's involved?

Simply sign up to the Engage in Gloucester site and you’ll be able to accept volunteer challenges that suit you from all different cultural, heritage and arts organisations in Gloucester. Some are one off volunteering opportunities, others allow you to make a longer term commitment. Some you can do at a distance from your own home, others you’ll be at a venue for. Some just need a few minutes of your time, others a few hours, a day or sometimes longer.  


To sign up you just have to click on the “Join Now” button on the site, fill in a few details and click the “Sign Up” at the end of the form. It takes just a minute and with that you’ve got a whole host of volunteer opportunities at your finger tips.

Why get involved?

The site allows you to find lots of volunteering opportunities in one place rather than having to go through endless sites of different venues. The challenges are listed according to the time that they take up and always clearly state what you’ll gain by volunteering. You are in charge of what challenges you accept and what time you volunteer so it is very flexible to fit around your life. You’ll find opportunities on the site to volunteer as part of a team or as a family as well as on your own, challenges to gain new skills and experiences and challenges that you’ll definitely make new friends at. There will be some that you can do from the comfort of your own home as well as ones that will give you behind the scenes access to some organisations. Whatever you would like to do, however much time you have to give, there will be something on Engage in Gloucester for you!

How to get involved?

1.    Click “Accept this challenge” at the bottom of the screen

2.    Click “Create an Account”

3.  Fill in the form and click “Sign Up” at the end of the form.

Ideal Interest

  • Computers and Technology

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