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Age UK Life Changes Home Visit Volunteers

Age UK supports older people (typically the over 60s) with the challenges and changes that later life can bring to enable them to enjoy and blossom in their senior years.


British Red Cross, Age UK Gloucestershire and CRUSE are working in partnership to support people in the Gloucester area who are facing a significant ‘life change’ Together we aim to provide practical and emotional support to help individuals adjust to their new situation. 


Age UK Gloucestershire Life Changes Home Visitors support individuals at a time of a big life change by visiting them at home for a while to help them regain confidence, become more active or make new friends. You might be helping someone who may have experienced a bereavement, the diagnosis of an illness or perhaps have moved into the area. Your visits, support and encouragement make a huge difference to the life of an individual.

What's involved?

For each individual going through a life change, the British Red Cross, Age UK Gloucestershire and CRUSE will work together over a 12 week period to provide emotional support, opportunities for new experience or to improve skills and information that will help this person find a way through this difficult period or accept and adapt to change.


As a Home Visit volunteer you might accompany people on their first visit out to a club or visit the person at home and listen while sharing a cup of tea.  Volunteers might suggest opportunities such as a computer class or a music club. Volunteers also help by making clients welcome at our groups where older people get to know one another, offer support to one another and start to enjoy new pastimes. For example one of our groups has begun to make craft items and offer them to local charities.


Giving someone the chance to regain interest in a healthy and positive life will support people on this difficult journey and makes a real difference to their quality of life at a key moment.  So if you are compassionate, passionate about improving the lives of older people and perhaps helping them get more involved in their community by contributing their own strengths and skills, Age UK Gloucestershire can help provide some training and support to get you started. Just half a day each week of your time could help change lives.


We ask that volunteers commit to at least a twelve week cycle so they complete working with an individual. However, we do hope that you will find the volunteering rewarding and wish to be paired with another individual once your initial pairing is over.


Volunteers need to be aged over 18 years but there is no upper limit. You’ll need to be able to get to the individual’s house that you are paired with, but if you are on public transport we can pair you with someone in your locality or who will be on a public transport route for you.


Why get involved?

If you are looking for a career working with older people it is a great way to gain experience working with a diverse range of older people in an informal setting. You’ll also strengthen your communication and problem solving skills as well as grow in empathy and knowledge about the services, groups, and organisations that are out there for older people.


Most of all it is a very rewarding volunteer position to take on. You will meet people at a critical point in their life and help ensure that their quality of life is maintained and that they do not feel alone and isolated in their new circumstances.


Age UK are willing to pay public transport and car expenses of 40p a mile.  

How to get involved?

  1. Sign into your account or sign up to Volunteer Makers.
  2. Accept the challenge
  3. Await a response from  Age UK with more information 

Ideal Skills

  • Customer Service
  • Project Management
  • Research
  • Working independently

Ideal Interests

  • Community Work
  • Computers and Technology
  • Creative and Arts
  • Events and Programming
  • Learning and Education
  • Marketing and communications

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