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Age UK Springboard volunteers

Age UK supports older people (typically the over 60s) with the challenges and changes that later life can bring to enable them to enjoy and blossom in their senior years.

Our Springboard groups are there to provide support, socialisation and opportunities to perhaps find a new hobby or interest for older people that have been through a life change such as bereavement, declining health or a move to a new area or major change to daily routines. Typically they have around 15 members and meet at local community locations such as libraries or community cafes for a few hours each week. Our springboard volunteers help to run the sessions (although a lot of the groups largely run themselves once they are established) and ensure that new members feel welcome and are able to access all the group has to offer.


What's involved?

Springboard volunteers welcome people to the weekly Springboard meeting which usually takes place in a local library or other community venue. They act as a liaison point with Age UK so any new initiatives or relevant information about national or local events can be fed to the group. They can also signpost people to other Age UK services that they may benefit from such as IT advice or highlight relevant adult education courses (such as cooking or gardening) that they think the group might enjoy or benefit from. They may help organise any new activities that the group want to do, or help organise the logistics of trips outs or for getting speakers or outside organisations in to speak to the group. Our volunteers also help advertise their local Springboard groups in the local community, maybe taking posters to local GP surgeries or places of worship.


Many Springboard groups once well established run themselves quite nicely and so it would be less of the weekly standard organising you would be involved in, but more of the special and extra activities you’d lend a hand with.


Volunteers needs to be aged over 18 years but there is no upper limit. All of the locations that the Springboard groups meet tend to be accessible and are almost without exception on good public transport routes.

Why get involved?

This is a great social volunteering opportunity. The groups are there to help people feel connected and engaged in their local community and the volunteers are included in that. You’ll also develop a whole host of organisation and logistical skills and maybe even discover  a new hobby from the activities that the Springboard groups get involved with.


If you are looking for a career working with older people it is a great way to gain experience working with a diverse range of older people in an informal setting. It would be a regular weekly commitment so is ideal to schedule around paid work, other family commitments or indeed studying. Some of our existing Springboard volunteers use it as the volunteering section for university courses or awards, or for schemes such as Duke f Edinburgh.


Age UK are willing to pay public transport and car expenses of 40p a mile.  

How to get involved?

  1. Sign into your account or sign up to Volunteer Makers.
  2. Accept the challenge
  3. Await a response from  Age UK with more information 

Ideal Skills

  • Customer Service
  • Event Management
  • Event Stewarding
  • Project Management
  • Research
  • Working independently

Ideal Interests

  • Community Work
  • Computers and Technology
  • Event & Project Management
  • Learning and Education

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