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Support Together in Matson’s groups!

Together in Matson is based at the Redwell Community Centre right in the heart of Matson. It’s local community face many challenges, but also have many talents, skills and ambition at their disposal. With support, nurturing and guidance these hidden strengths and talents can be unlocked to allow the community and individuals to blossom, achieve their aspirations and lead fulfilling healthy lives that make a positive difference to the world.


We run a number of specific support groups for people affected by long term medical conditions, as well as carers. The sessions are a chance for people to get together, have some tea and chat, sharing their ups and downs, frustrations and triumphs with others who are going through similar experiences.

What's involved?

We’d like a few volunteers to be able to help support these support groups. You may find yourself setting out chairs and tables, making and serving the tea and doing a bit of the washing up afterwards. Equally it can be about recognising those that are attending the session that might need a quiet moment, a loved one watching over while they take a few minutes for themselves, or extra help following up a suggestion of practical, financial or emotional support that they have come across.


We are not looking for a counsellor, or someone with first-hand experience of the subjects that unite the group (although if you do you are of course more than welcome.). It’s about being there to make the group meet ups run smoothly and to perhaps be the person outside of the situation that can help chase up suggestions of support with them.


We run lots of support groups on different days so we are very likely to have a volunteering slot that fits around your other commitments.


If you’d like an informal chat about this volunteer role without committing yourself please email Vanessa at


Why get involved?

This is a very sociable role. You’ll spend most of your time being with and helping out other people in your community. The support groups really make a difference to those living with medical issues whether they are their own or they are supporting and caring for others with them and out support group supporters are key to that. You’ll practice organisational and effective communication skills as well as possibly gaining more in depth knowledge of some of the everyday issues faced by people living with various medical conditions.


The Redwell centre is very much at the heart of the Matson Community and we want every resident to feel welcome and that they belong at the centre. Your volunteering role will really help us achieve that.

How to get involved?

  1. Sign into your account or sign up to Volunteer Makers.
  2. Accept the challenge
  3. Wait for a reply from the Together in Matson team

Ideal Skills

  • Customer Service
  • Event Stewarding
  • Research
  • Working independently
  • Working with Young People

Ideal Interests

  • Community Work
  • Event & Project Management
  • Events and Programming
  • Food & Beverage
  • Learning and Education
  • Visitor Service/ Front of House

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